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Which of the four occurred most recently?

Which applies to having a loaded gun in airport baggage?

Examine the sequence to decide which comes next.  8 sacks; 4 sacks; 2 sacks; 1 sack . . . . 

Who was the winning coach in Super Bowl XLVIII?

Assuming the first two statements are true, what can be said of the third?:  1. Tom Brady is better than Matt Ryan; 2. Matt Ryan is better than Brandon Weeden; 3. Tom Brady is better than Brandon Weeden

Referee Ed Hochuli’s nickname is: 

A 5-10, 175-pound receiver lines up alongside a 6-4, 263-pound tight end. What is their combined pounds per inch of height? 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s salary by the end of his recent five-year extension reportedly will be north of: 

Aaron Rodgers’ Packers drove 90 yards in 2 minutes, 30 seconds. How many yards did they gain per minute? 

Spell the name Bengals linebacker who led the NFL tackles with 171 in 2013 correctly

When "21" personnel becomes "10" personnel, what happens?

On the standard NFL route tree, the “go” or “fly” route is designated by what number? 

What is the “strong” side? 

A team’s offense averages 22.5 points per game when opening-kickoff temperature is 65 degrees or higher, 15.5 points when such temperature is 50 or lower. Which of the following definitive conclusions can be drawn? 

In 2013, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck rushed for 377 yards on 63 carries, a 6.0 average. Browns running back Willis McGahee amassed the same amount of yards but required 75 more carries. How many more yards per carry did Luck average?

Two quarterbacks threw for more than 5,000 yards in 2013 (Peyton Manning, Denver, 5,477; Drew Brees, New Orleans, 5,162). Who finished in third with 4,650?

Which is higher: The combined uniform numbers of Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton or that of Jerry Rice? 

On a 79-yard touchdown run, Tennessee’s Chris Johnson averages 2.0 yards per second in the first five yards while sifting through the line, 8.0 yards per second in the next 24, and 10.0 yards per second in the final 50. How many seconds from handoff until Johnson crosses the goal line? 

What is the capital of Las Vegas?

On first-and-goal from the 9, Adrian Peterson gains eight yards, but a Vikings holding penalty nullifies the gain. What is the new down-and-distance? 

Suppose the Broncos finish 14-2 in 2014 and win the AFC West by three games over second-place San Diego and five over third-place Arizona. What is the combined victory total of the Chargers and Cardinals? 

In 2013, the Minnesota Vikings went 5-10-1. What was their winning percentage? 

A fan attending a game is prepared to pay $30 to park, $100 for a ticket and $50 for concessions. By winning a contest, the fan gets a 50-percent discount on parking, 25 percent off the ticket and 10 percent off concessions. What is the revised total cost? 

Which franchise has won a Super Bowl the most recently?

When ESPN analyst Jon Gruden made the play call “Spider 3 Y Banana” famous, with which quarterback was he chatting? 

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